1. The customers of the parking lot at the time of the entrance in the same, declares to have read and approved expressly the present general conditions of contract ex art 1341 and 1342 cod. civ. And all the clauses in this content, even within the meaning of Article 34 paragraph 5 of the Code of Consumption, explicitly published on the websites of Autoemme srl ( and and also exposed through the exposure of signs at the garages you managed and/or communicated via email to the Act of reservations via the internet sites of the Depositor. The Customer is obliged to comply with the general conditions that define the rules of parking service listed below. The customer (hereinafter also referred to as the "applicant"), once entered in one of the garages managed by Autoemme Srl (hereinafter also referred to as the "Trustee" or "Manager") in Milan (Garage Sforza and Garage Sammartini), recorded and taken vision of the places where the vehicles (cars, motorcycles etc.) are parked, as well as other system and/or device installed in the assembly and left in the custody of his own car, formalizes to all effects the conclusion of a contract for private in nature with Autoemme srl for the stop or the deposit of your vehicle for which are subject to the general conditions of the contract referred to in this Regulation, arranged as an offer to the public ex art. 1336 Cod. Civ. by the manager of the parking service itself.

  2. The subject of the contract is the only "deposit of vehicle at the Garage (hereinafter also referred to as "garage", "deposit", "PARKING") with expressed and absolute exclusion of every good, personal effect, apparatus, device, etc.etc.., left by the customer or anyway present inside the vehicle and/or external containers at the same even if closed and provided with lock (e.g., money and valuables in general, satellite navigators, cell phones, laptops, cameras, racks, ski racks, etc.etc.). Autoemme srl is not liable therefore objects left in the car. The Applicant therefore exempts the Depositary from the obligation of custody of money, goods or objects inside the vehicle and appliances (e.g. radio, satellite navigation system, etc..), as they do not form part of the said contract. Consisting in fact the object of the service solely in the car park and not even in the deposit and in the case of objects left in the car, there is no obligation to surveillance and custody of the same and we are not liable for damage caused by third parties, theft, subtractions or burglaries. Autoemme srl does not respond even keychain which are united to the keys and/or opening devices at a distance of vehicles and/or anti-theft device. The Customer is obliged to remove the keys and/or the opener to the distance of the vehicle and to deliver them to the garage staff, holding with itself the keychain or other items connected to it or attached.

  3. The customer or the subject that by accepting these general conditions of contract shall deposit at one of the garages managed by Autoemme srl, takes advantage of the valet parking, which in turn identified by our operators (also defined as parking in rotation), through employment of free spaces at the time of arrival at the garage.The Customer acknowledges that it is a "parking in rotation" and therefore it is not possible to take advantage of the right to obtain a parking place of his preference.

  4. The contract shall be deemed concluded the moment the Client will have delivered the car to authorized personnel of the parking, by withdrawing the relative cutting of receipt (defined also received, by cutting or striker parking), which will provide a means of identification and title of legitimacy which enables, in an exclusive way, the transferee to the withdrawal of the motor vehicle. The customer is therefore responsible for the proper custody of the receipt of parking. Any consequences arising from the loss of the aforesaid cutting on the part of the customer will be charged the same. The person different from the applicant that the esibira', must be considered responsible by the Applicant itself, the withdrawal of the vehicle. In the case of loss and the impossibility of being able to produce a receipt proving the deposit of the car at our garages, the same will be delivered only and exclusively to the owner of the vehicle. Any delay caused by the failure to collect your vehicle in the preset times and agreed, because of the loss of the receipt will be charged to the applicant.

  5. The necessity of withdrawal of objects, luggage or anything else present in the car left in the deposit, it is permitted upon presentation of the striker of parking. It is not permitted even to the passengers of the vehicle, and any other person without receipt of parking, to be able to access the inside of the car while it is in the custody of the custodian.

  6. Upon request the customer can avail themselves of other services offered by the depository what the car wash by hand or car rental service and dealer. The charges for the services of car washing are exposed through the signs at garages and on Internet sites of Autoemme srl which and and

  7. The Customer is obliged to inform the existing schedules of exercise of garages. The timetables of the garages, in particular days of the year, as Christmas, August, etc., may undergo variations.

  8. The customer, on arrival at the garage and is obliged to curb regularly the parked vehicle. Any damage caused by the customer during the step of entry at the garage will be borne by him.

  9. The customer must follow the instructions and requests of the staff in the garage and leave over your car will be parked by our qualified employee. The Customer is obliged to observe the Regulation exposed to the public and the rules that govern the internal circulation of vehicles; the signs and all the provisions of the law and regulations must be complied with. The Customer is not allowed to park yourself if not behind his specific request and responsibility, and always for justified reason (prior authorisation granted by the staff at the garage). In case of damage from parking he committed against other car parked, people in transit walk in the garage or accidentally against the walls of the garage or any other structure (columns, equipment of the garage etc..), will not be paid no compensation insurance and will bear the costs for the restoration of the damaged structure of the garage. Inside the parking The movement must be carried out exclusively at the manhole. In particular it is forbidden : smoke, turn on and use fires or lights open, drain and deposit of objects of any species and especially flammable, even if they are part of the load, carry out refueling, perform repairs and/or maintenance of any kind, to provide for the operations of loading and unloading the vehicle, leave the engine running beyond the time strictly necessary or sound horn, park vehicles affected by loss of liquids (fuel, oil and coolant).

  10. Vehicles must be left in deposit with the libretto of movement and the keys inserted (D.M. 31/07/1934 AND FIRE DEPARTMENT available). The closed vehicles, or without keys, or blocked for any reason and/or by satellite burglar and/or codes, steering column lock, which require timely intervention and urgent in order to be moved because blocking the access and the exit of the underground garage, will be removed at the expense of the depositor (e.g. intervention wrecker or mechanical etc.etc).

  11. For damage that would be caused, instead, from the same carrier or by its staff, you answer, only in the case where the damage has been terminated before the exit from the parking lot. Any complaints or claims must therefore be reported to the supervisory personnel of the garage before the exit of the car under penalty of forfeiture and every any pretense or request. The applicant will not be permitted complaints or claims for damage once the car and the exit from the parking lot. Any claims for damages must be extremely try, therefore the company owner of the parking space may not be considered responsible for any damages to the cars if the integrity of the same has not been verified at the time of filing. At the time of delivery of the vehicle at the parkings managed by Autoemme srl, the customer in this respect may require to draw up the contradictory with the man at the reception and sign the form relating to the conditions of the vehicle. In defect, Autoemme srl, reserves the right to reject any objections for damage, deterioration and the like raised by the customer, without in any case prejudice that such disputes should be raised, under penalty of forfeiture, only in written form at the time of vehicle pick-up.

  12. Autoemme srl, is relieved and anyway disclaims any and all liability for damage to vehicles and caused by other customers during the operations of the input and/or output from the parking, from meteorological events of intensity higher than average, by floods, from seismic events and/or acts of vandalism perpetrated by a plurality of subjects. Moreover Autoemme srl is not liable for damage to the windshield, windows, rear windows and/or rear view mirrors occurring as a result of thermal excursions (positive or negative), and/or adverse weather conditions.

  13. Autoemme srl cannot be considered responsible for any damage and/or failure to vehicles of mechanical or electronic, which does not depend upon the movement of the car, but from bad maintenance of same or unforeseeable circumstances.

  14. The applicant is obliged to pay for parking according to the rates in force that are exposed to the public both at the garages, that on the internet site of Autoemme srl ( and viewable within the page "reservations" or "tariffs". Tax receipt or invoice will be issued at the exit of the car. The customer who wishes to request the release of invoice must make express request before the issuance of the receipt, by providing it with all the data and the indications provided by the current regulations of tax. It is not possible to issue the invoice after that has already been issued the fiscal receipt. Furthermore you will not be billed if the data communicated were incorrect, incomplete or illegible, in this case will be emitted exclusively tax receipt.

  15. The parking can be paid for in cash and/or credit/debit cards. All major credit cards are accepted including debit cards and electronic cards (Visa, Cartasi, Mastercard, American Express, Pagobancomat, Maestro). Checks are not accepted. Payment by bank transfer and reserved subscriber clients and to affiliated companies. In special cases the bank transfer is accepted only after prior agreement with the garage but with full prepayment of the amount established.

  16. Customer agrees to the manager the right of retention on the motor vehicle parked to guarantee every credit arising from failure to pay for parking.

  17. In the case of parking the vehicle with advance payment (prepayment), both having discounted rate, or agreed rate, the same applies only for the period for which it was paid. Any excess of days or hours ashore, with respect to what is already prepaid, will be paid directly at the garages at ordinary fare exposed.

  18. Autoemme srl can prevent the access to the premises of its properties and/or demand compensation for damages in the case in which the customer is in arrears with payment of parking facilities, abuses of parking facilities, or becomes Defaulting to regulatory obligations.

  19. In situations of particular and intense influx of cars in the garage or in periods of high season may be necessary to do temporarily stop the car to the discovered for the period necessary in order to put in place suitable the car of the customer. In this case the Depositor exempts Autoemme srl from any responsibility in case damage caused by hail or other events inclement weather.

  20. During the stop period, especially in periods of high season or intense traffic and request for parking facilities, and/or for stopovers plurigiornaliere (e.g. parking long-stop), the vehicles can be, on the part of the operator, transferred, deposited and stored in other neighboring parks, both for the covered parking for the outdoor parking (also defined as "Remote Parking" and/or other garage property of Autoemme srl) having the same characteristics and standards similar to those of the garage where it was left to the car. In this case for parking covered shall be construed manufactured, canopies, facilities with coverage and/or hail control networks (even if open on the sides). In the case of parking of cars in the exposed areas, partially present at the remote Parking but always guarded and monitored, the customer relieves the operator from every and any liability for damage to the vehicle as a result of meteorological phenomena occurring during the stopover. Sara Care Manager always ensure priority to cars by reserving a covered parking within the limit of the seats available. The parking will be intended only and exclusively in periods of intense traffic (high season, bridges etc..) and will be always and only for a short time in order to find a more suitable to the covered. The transfer of the cars of the customer at the remote Parking will be the responsibility of the operators of the garage through the affixing of the Targa proof that ensures the correct coverage for damage from movement and always with the diligence and care of a good family father. On request, when it is possible, the customer may leave the car at the Parking Remote. In this case will be the responsibility of the operator turn crossers back the Depositor at the main storage. The customer can request the detection of Km on his arrival at the Garage. The withdrawal of the car by the applicant at the end of the pause, the mileage may be different because of the transfer at the remote Parking but only for the number of km are necessary and sufficient to go to the warehouse itself.

  21. Parking a long break and is covered by the obligation of booking. The long break provides the displacement at the remote Parking. For long stop means the upper stops at least 3 days.

  22. The customer takes the sole responsibility of all demographic data and tax related to him which were communicated to the garage for the emission of relative tax receipt and/or invoice.

  23. The customer with the viewing of the aforesaid Regulation and is aware of being expressly entitled to the parking of the vehicle and ensures that the same and in conditions of safety with regard to its movement to its operation and to meet the requirements of the clauses of regulation of the garage.

  24. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of this regulation as well as to facts connected with the occupation of a parking place for the purposes of this Regulation, are of territorial jurisdiction is exclusively competent Judicial' of the place of the administrative headquarters of the handler, or Milan.

  25. The writing company reserves, so unilaterally, the right to modify at any time the present General Conditions of parking.

  26. Autoemme informs the customer that some areas of the park, to the requirements of public order and the protection of company assets and for the safety of the cars are controlled through a video surveillance system, whose presence is highlighted by appropriate signs. Footage recorded by video cameras on a magnetic support/digital, are eliminated within the time limits provided for by the legislation in question. The case of this material occurs in the spaces to be protected and not accessible if not by the personnel of the company writer and will not in any case transferred to third parties (without prejudice to any requests by the Judicial Authority) and will be used solely for reasons of safety in compliance with all the particulars provided for by the Italian legislation on the processing of personal data. Autoemme srl extremely ensures the possibility to assert all the rights provided for by art. 7, 8, 9 of the d.lgs. 30 june 2003 n. 196, which is here understood to be integrally recalled, and in particular to know of the existence of the treatment of data or obtain, by the responsible of the treatment, the cancellation, blockage, updating, correction or modification of data.

  27. In the case of non-acceptance of the General Conditions of Contract of the present Regulation, is allowed to escape from the parking without payment of the consideration, provided that it is still within the tolerance limit of 10 minutes.

  28. The customer has taken note of the Informative to the senses of the art. 10 Law 675/96, as well as the provisions of the art. 13 of the same Law, allows the treatment, the dissemination and communication of personal data that concern him or which concern the company party which he represents, within the limits of the informative, declaring to be aware of the rights riconosciutigli from the cited article.

  29. To the senses and for the effects of art.1341 and 1342 DC you approve specifically and expressly from part of the customer, after careful reading, the following clauses: 2 (which is the subject of the contract) - 4 (conclusion of contract) - 8-9-10 (parking mode by the customer) - 11-12-13 (limitations of liability Autoemme srl) - 15-16-17 (payment of the Parking) - 20 (transfers of cars) - 24 (jurisdiction) -28 (legislation on privacy and the processing of personal data)


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Parking Milan Downton close to Duomo Cathedral - Piazza San Babila

Garage Sforza