The center of Milan is a zone ZTL (LIMITED TRAFFIC ZONE ). The area is bounded within the circle of the Ramparts called Area C.

You can still access it but the entry in the center of Milan in zone ZTL  is subjected to the payment of a ticket of entrance, ticket called Area C.

parcheggio area c,parcheggio cerchia dei bastioni,garage convenzionato area c

The ticket of entrance has a cost of €. 5,00. Thanks to our agreement with the Municipality of Milan from us the ticket you can pay only €. 3.00 and is sold directly in the garage and must be paid in cash and can not be billed. In order to be able to take advantage of the discounted ticket, the minimum stay must be exceeding one hour, as imposed by the Municipality of Milan and must be activated before midnight of the same day of admission. The ordinary ticket from the value of €. 5,00 instead can be activated before midnight of the day after the entrance in the city center.

The substantial difference between the two tickets, in addition to the cost, stay in the fact that in case of forgetfulness in proceed to stabilize the access in the city center on the day of entry, and you can also do it the next day but only by buying the ticket from the value of €. 5,00 which goes to cover the access of the previous day. For example: if you arrive on Monday and you forget to purchase or activate the Area C, you must buy the next day a ticket of €. 5,00 and you must activate it in this case before midnight on Tuesday in order to cover the entry of Monday. If you are accessing again also on Tuesday (so in this case two days, Monday and Tuesday) must be purchased two tickets, one from €. 5,00 for Monday and in this case you can purchase one from €. 3,00 for the entry of the Tuesday that must be activated by midnight of the day. The Ticket Area C and is represented by the figure below.

parchegio convenzionato area c €.3,00

Area C is active in the days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, weekdays, from 7.30 to 19.30. The Thursday from 7.30 to 18.00. Area C is not active during the weekends and holidays and August usually only during the week central ( every year the municipality establishes the days of August in which Area C is not active therefore changes from year to year. Check on the site area C ).

The Area C corresponds to the ZTL Cerchia dei Bastioni (the same area of the old Ecopass).

It Is delimited by 43 electronic gates controlled by cameras, including 6 exclusive access for public transport and 1 promiscuous that are not allowed to private cars.

The map of gates and the list of the streets inside and at the border of Area C are visible in the pictures below.

mappa area c,mappa parcheggi,mappa parcheggi milano
parcheggio area c convenzionato

It is possible the entry in ZTL to cars and vans that fall in certain categories of pollution. To check the categories of pollution and to know if your car can enter the city center click here.

It is always advisable to check the dedicated page "Rules and prohibitions" in Area C website that is constantly updated in case of changes to the regulations. At the moment available only in italian language.

Now I know enough about the area C, how should I proceed?

After you have found that your car may enter because belonging to the classes of pollution which are authorised (normally all cars of last generation and those who have diesel with FAP), to regularize access therefore you must first enter into the center and only subsequently provide with the purchase and activation of ticket Area C. If you buy the ticket of ordinary access from the value of €. 5.00 you have time until midnight of the following day for activation, while if you buy the entrance ticket facilitated by the value of €. 3.00 you have time up to midnight on the same day of admission for activation. The activation can be done in various ways, by sending a sms or by calling the numbers of Area C shown on the ticket or do so safely online on the site of Area C available only in italian language at the moment). For further info call the number of Area C to (+39)0248684001, active every day from 7 till 24.

The customer who wishes to provide by himself, or that parked for less than one hour, can therefore buy your ticket from a tobacconist or newspaper shop (usually you can find in almost all the shops within the historical center, outside the city center it is more difficult to find Areac C Ticket) or online directly on the website of the Municipality of Milan (Purchase ticket Area C available at the moment only in italian language) and activate it by clicking below (Activation ticket area C available at the moment only in italian language). If the customer wants to do it by themselves, in this case must necessarily buy tickets ordinary of the value of €. 5.00. The discounted ticket is sellable exclusively from authorized garage. We understand that is probably complicate for customers to understand and do everything, so don't worry because our staff at the reception of the garage will give you all the information you need and help you with activation if you need. On request we can also sell the ordinary ticket area C from 5 euro and activate it for all customers who require it.

The ticket Area C from €. 5,00 must be purchased in the event of failure to activate the ticket of entrance during the day of entry into the zone ZTL because it is possible to activate the next day and is retroactive or goes to cover the access of the previous day.

In case of forgetting to activate also the ticket during the next day of entrance in the city center, must be purchased a standard ticket from the value of €. 15,00 and can be purchased and activated within a week from the entrance in the city center in order to avoid being penalized. The penalty for failure to activation of the ticket and then the uncleared of access in the area ZTL is approximately €. 90,00. Attention therefore, you not only have to purchase the ticket but it should also be activated!

The ticket of €. 15,00 is available only online at the site of Area C and can be activated online only after registration.

Our garage offers the service of sale of Area C and the free service of activation of both ticket the one of €. 3.00 and  the ticket of €. 5,00 but not the ticket of €. 15,00 for which must provide the customer by himself.

Book online your parking, Area C ticket is non possible to book but you will find at the entrance of the garage to our staff

area c, parcheggi area c


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